Duration of mandate and period of office of main auditor

Ernst & Young Ltd act as the auditors of Alpiq Holding Ltd. The statutory and Group auditors are appointed by the Annual General Meeting for a one-year term.

The current lead audit partner of Ernst & Young Ltd has been performing this function since the 2021 financial year.

Auditors’ fees and additional fees

Performance and fees are reviewed annually. For the past financial year, statutory and Group auditor Ernst & Young Ltd received fees of CHF 2.6 million for their services (previous year: CHF 2.3 million). Of this amount, CHF 2.3 million was paid for audit services (CHF 2.0 million), CHF 0.1 million for audit-related services (CHF 0.2 million) and CHF 0.2 million for tax services (CHF 0.1 million).

External audit information mechanisms

The external auditors report to the ARC at least once a year on the audits they have conducted and the resultant findings and recommendations. The ARC agrees audit plans with the external auditors in advance and assesses their work. The external auditors submit a comprehensive report to the full Board of Directors once a year. The ARC regularly invites the external auditors to attend its meetings.