Energy management that is responsible and economical

Alpiq’s core business not only includes the production of energy, but also energy trading with electricity, gas and other energy products in many European countries as well as the provision of sustainable energy management solutions and services. We are therefore acutely aware of the huge responsibility that we have towards our customers, our shareholders, and society at large. Sustainability for us is therefore also about ensuring that we operate responsibly, ethically, economically and in the best interests of all these stakeholders.

With a view to contributing to sustainability and security of supply, Alpiq’s business decisions, such as investments, divestments or contracts are closely monitored with respect to legal and financial risks, financial impact, compliance and environmental impact.

We sell production from our own plants as well as third-party plants on our modern and efficient trading platform. These trading activities are capital-intensive, which makes access to capital an important pillar of the company’s business model. The ability to ensure access to capital at all times is crucial in strengthening the security of supply, as is the pursuit of a sustainable, financially sound and risk-adjusted energy business model that offers the prospect of long-term economic success.


- Successful participation in first tender for a winter reserve 

- Increase in net revenues in financial year 2022 

- Re-entry into operation of Plana del Vent after two-year outage