Social dimension

Energy management that works for people


At Alpiq, we recognize that we have a responsibility to everyone who is touched by our activities and to society at large. Principles like integrity, trust and diversity apply at all times when interacting with our stakeholders, such as employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders, government bodies or the general public – both in the real and the digital world. Alpiq strongly believes that these principles shall be a natural behavior for all of us when conducting business.

We owe our success to our employees. We all come from different backgrounds, have distinct personalities and diverse stories, yet we believe in a common purpose, share common goals and leverage our collective energy for the benefit of our customers. We seek to strengthen our relations with our employees by offering them exciting work across diversified projects, the opportunity to unleash their own entrepreneurial energy, further training and career opportunities, and attractive benefits.

To underpin our culture of integrity, trust and diversity, we have collaborated closely with our employees in the last two years to define our values, which are based on ideas and ideals shared by employees and with which they can identify. As we progress on our journey to creating a fully sustainable Alpiq, we are also committed to increasing health and safety awareness in the company and plan to introduce key performance indicators to monitor health and safety performance more closely in future.

Milestones in 2022

- Inclusion of health and safety as one of strategic sustainability KPIs 

- Launched diversity and inclusion concept 

- Introduced quarterly pulse check to monitor employee sentiment