Selected highlights of the year

In 2022, we took many steps forward on our journey to build a sustainable Alpiq and ensure that we make a positive impact across our strategic priorities of the environment, society and governance. Below, we present a selection of the highlights from throughout the year.


▪ Plana del Vent successfully back in operation: In Spain, Alpiq successfully recommissions the Plana del Vent gas-fired combined cycle power plant in mid-January 2022 after around two years of extensive repair and maintenance work.

▪ Greater room for manoeuvre: Due to the extreme price increases on the energy markets, the shareholders of Alpiq provide temporary liquidity of up to CHF 300 million in order to keep the company’s room for manoeuvre at an appropriate level.


▪ High-alpine PV installation for more winter electricity: A photovoltaic installation with an annual production of 23.3 million kWh is planned in Gondo at over 2,000 metres above sea level.


▪ Bailout scheme for security of supply: The situation at the beginning of the year prompted the authorities to take action. In April, the federal government presents an urgent bill to ensure Switzerland’s security of supply.


▪ Nant de Drance put into operation: The Nant de Drance pumped storage power plant is commissioned on 1 July 2022. The six pump turbines combined provide a capacity of 900 MW to pump as well as to turbine.


▪ Bailout scheme initiated: The Federal Council initiates the bailout scheme for energy companies at the request of Axpo.

▪ Inauguration of Nant de Drance: Employees and the general public enjoy festivities and open days to mark the opening of the new hydropower complex. The festivities are dedicated to today’s youth, future generation and the future of energy.


▪ #prixalpiq 2022 rewards projects: At the second edition of the #prixalpiq award, prizes go to the municipalities of Visp, Naters, Brig and Lalden as well as to the municipality of Ayent in Valais for their joint effort to improve water management in an area with comparably little precipitation.

▪ Hydropower reserve: Win for Alpiq: ElCom releases results of the auction for the hydropower reserve for winter 2022/2023. Alpiq wins the contract for all its bids.