Anti-corruption and fair competition

Why is this important?

Alpiq does not tolerate any form of corruptive or anti-competitive behaviour and therefore identifies potential measures by mapping corruption risk and anti-competitive risks across its operations and investments.

What are we doing?

Anti-corruption and anti-competition topics are anchored in Alpiq’s policies, namely the Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for Suppliers. The internal “know your counterparty” process ensures that due diligence is conducted to identify and screen Alpiq customers and business partners. Training and communication measures are essential to prevent corruption and anti-competition risks.

How do we track the effectiveness of our approach?

Information regarding risk management and monitoring is laid down in “GRI 2-23: Policy commitments”.

Milestones in 2022 

- 155 new Alpiq employees completed a mandatory e-learning training session on the Code of Conduct, which includes anti-corruption and correct and competitive behaviour with business partners. 

- 77 Alpiq employees in specific functions completed a mandatory face-to-face training session on anti-corruption in 2022. 

- 228 Alpiq employees in specific functions (trader, originator and sales) completed mandatory e-learning training sessions on anti-competition topics in 2021/2022. 

- In December 2022 Alpiq lost a final court appeal against decision of the Romanian competition authority imposing a fine of RON 21,815,847 (approx. CHF 4.8 million) against two Romanian subsidiaries of Alpiq Group (Alpiq Romindustries and Alpiq Romenergie). The two subsidiaries were penalized for an alleged breach of Romanian competition law through horizontal agreements on the electricity market in 2012 together with nine other traders/suppliers. The decision is thus final and Alpiq’s penalty obligations will be settled in compliance with local legal requirements. 

- Alpiq did not record any relevant cases of corruption in the reporting year.


- 155 – new Alpiq employees who completed training session on Code of Conduct in 2022 

- 77 – employees who completed face-to-face training on anti-corruption in 2022 

- 228 – employees who completed e-learning sessions on anti-competition topics in 2022

“We cherish competition and transparent markets. That is why we do not engage in any form of bribery or anti-competitive behaviour.”

Nicole Appert, General Counsel, Alpiq Olten


- Alpiq Code of Conduct 

- Alpiq Code of Conduct for Suppliers

GRIs 

- GRI 2-23: Policy commitments 

- GRI 206: Anti-competitive behaviour 

- GRI 206-1: Legal actions for anti-competitive behaviour, anti-trust, and monopoly practices

Sustainable Development Goals 

- SDG 8