Social dimension

Corporate culture 

Why is this important? 

Employees make a significant contribution to Alpiq’s success. Innovative solutions, technical know-how and entrepreneurial values are the key to a successful long-term position in the market. Alpiq sees the diversity and equality of its employees, who together identify and develop customer-oriented needs, as an opportunity to achieve positive results with the help of different ways of thinking.

What are we doing?

During 2021, Alpiq opted for a collaborative approach to define values together. In actively shaping the corporate culture, Alpiq values were defined not for employees, but with the employees. A rough framework of these values was developed by the Executive Board and has since been discussed and fleshed out with and among the employees in a large number of values workshops at all hierarchical levels and at all locations in Europe. This process ultimately leads to Alpiq’s values, which are based on ideas and ideals shared by employees and with which they can identify.

Based on the results of the value workshops held with over 650 employees in 2021, Alpiq defined the new values for Alpiq with the participation of employees:

We are ALP1Q

We come from different backgrounds, have distinct personalities and diverse stories. Yet, we believe in a common purpose, share common goals and leverage our collective energy for the benefit of our customers. We act with empathy and honesty, are committed to transparency, cherish integrity and trust and celebrate our diversity. We do the right thing right even if nobody else is watching.

We learn and grow together

We want to grow. Personally, and professionally. In doing so, we might have to reach beyond our comfort zone. And we might also fail. Yet, we regard failure as a learning opportunity. In fact, we share our wins and losses and never stop to feedback and -forth freely. Why? Because we believe continuous improvement is a shared responsibility.

We share the steering wheel

There are many reasons why we don’t believe in fixed hierarchies and rather in deep collaboration, collective ownership and true accountability.Long story short, it makes everything we do way easier.

We focus on the outcome

We don’t do something a certain way because ‘this is how we’ve always done it.’ Rather, we challenge the status quo recurringly and value playful creativity. We dare to look left, when everyone is looking right, and deal in what ifs?, why nots? and yes, ands...

How do we track the effectiveness of our approach?

A quarterly pulse check (employee survey) was introduced in 2022. The questions asked of employees target Alpiq values. Several measures were derived from the first pulse check, which was conducted in October 2022. The results are easily and quickly available and the second pulse check in December 2022 was used to compare the results and measure the differences.

Milestones in 2022

In order to strengthen the employee culture and cohesion and to make the new values tangible, Alpiq’s employee event took place from 12 to 13 September 2022. The event included a visit to the Nant de Drance pumped storage power station. During the event, the employees faced various challenges in a group with other employees from all over Europe. It goes without saying that Alpiq attached great importance to making the event climate-neutral. The CO2 emissions generated were calculated in detail and offset. For all those who where hindered to participate we organized an additional visit and get together in May 2023.


- 650 – employees who took part in workshops to define values 

- 24 – share of employees aged under 35 (%) 

- 23 – share of employees aged over 51 (%)

“We are ‘One Alpiq’ and although we are based in different countries, we all share the same corporate values.”

Angela Zurbuchen, Online Media Manager, Alpiq Olten


- Alpiq values


- GRI 3-3: Management of material topics

- GRI 405: Diversity and equal opportunity

Sustainable Development Goals 

- SDG 8