Corporate culture 

(GRI 3-3, GRI 405)


Employees make a substantial contribution to Alpiqʼs success. Innovative solutions, technical know-how and entrepreneurial values are the key to a successful long-term position in the market. Alpiq sees the diversity and equality of our employees as an opportunity to achieve positive results with the help of different ways of thinking. We take a collaborative approach to shaping our corporate culture, based on the values we have defined together with our employees (We are ALP1Q; We learn and grow together; We share the steering wheel; We focus on the outcome).

We track the effectiveness of our approach by means of regular pulse checks (employee survey) throughout the year and derive measures accordingly. In addition to these pulses, we conduct a large-scale employee engagement survey every two to three years. In 2023, such a company-wide survey was conducted with an overall response rate of 80%. ‘Identification with our company valuesʼ was rated as one of the top three topics.




“We learn and grow together in a culture that is based on our newly developed leadership principles. Living these principles is a daily duty for Alpiqʼs leadership and requires constant reflection and feedback.”

Carsten Diederich

Head Deal-to-Cash-Operations


Alpiq values

Success story

Secure Base Leadership for top managers and line managers

Alpiqʼs top management attended a week-long training programme at IMD to define the foundation of Alpiqʼs understanding of leadership. This led to the co-creation of a first version of Alpiqʼs leadership principles, which were launched for the organisation in summer 2023. In parallel, the Secure Base Leadership journey was launched for Alpiqʼs entire management (approx. 180 managers). This programme, which moved away from pure theory to experiencing what secure base leadership means, received overwhelmingly positive feedback, and will be expanded in 2024 and 2025.