Security of supply

(GRI 3-3)


Alpiqʼs contribution to ensuring security of supply is stated in our company purpose. Providing reliable power generation when needed by our customers, including transmission system operators, has a direct impact on our companyʼs economic results. It is therefore of our utmost self-interest to maintain and continuously upgrade our assets not only to comply with the latest environmental legislation, but also to make use of the best available technology to increase the fuel efficiency and flexibility, and to prevent any operational failures that could negatively impact security of supply and significantly affect Alpiqʼs economic position.

In-market availability, the KPI measuring the percentage of time that an asset is available when needed, is reported to all internal stakeholders and is closely monitored and assessed. In the case of outages, internal processes and competent technical staff are in place to remedy the situation. All outage events are reported to both internal and external stakeholders.

The levels of security of supply and grid safety are typically set by the transmission system operator (TSO) and/or local regulations for grid support service (GSS). Where technically possible, Alpiq has certified products for GSS at each flexible asset. To be allowed to participate on the GSS market, the technical ability of each individual asset is regularly tested by the TSO according to its local requirements for each GSS product.




“This year again Alpiq was the largest provider of energy for the winter reserve, showing our commitment to support the safety of supply in Switzerland even if it means not being able to seize other commercial opportunities.”

Amédée Murisier

Designated Head Switzerland (from 1 March 2024) 


Federal Electricity Commission (ElCom), European Transmission System Operators ENTSO-E

Success stories

Alpiq participates in winter reserve 2023/24

Alpiq participated for the second year in a row in the Swiss Federal Councilʼs tender for the winter hydropower reserve. Alpiq bid successfully and contributed 219 GWh for the winter 2023/24 – more than half of the contracted reserve of 400 GWh. Alpiq will continue to participate proactively in any similar future tenders to safeguard the security of supply in Switzerland and Europe.


Postponement of maintenance operations on hydropower plants

Some planned maintenance on Alpiqʼs hydropower complexes were postponed to ensure their production and storage capacities were available during the cold months of the year, but without jeopardising safety. For example, the postponement by a year of the renovation works at the Forces Motrices de la Gougra plant allowed for an additional 170 GWh of power in the first quarter of 2023.
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Recommissioning of Fionnay and Nendaz hydropower plants

After six years of construction work, the Fionnay and Nendaz hydropower plants and the waterfall connecting Lac des Dix to these plants were partially recommissioned in January 2023 – nine months ahead of schedule. This meant the facilities were available when Switzerland was in particular need of electricity. Grande Dixence SA and its shareholders are investing a total of CHF 240 million to carry out this major work.
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