Reducing our climate impact by reducing emissions 

(GRI 305-1, GRI 305-2, GRI 305-3, GRI 305-4, GRI 305-7)


As an energy producer, Alpiq is aware of its responsibilities regarding climate change. Limiting greenhouse gas and air pollutant emissions is an important goal that Alpiq pursues and takes into account when making strategic decisions. We are taking effective measures to reduce greenhouse gas and other pollutant emissions both in our existing power plants and in our new power plant projects. We commit to use natural resources wisely and efficiently and limit pollutant emissions. This is why Alpiq is currently prioritising the development of an environmental policy.

Over many years, we have developed an environmentally sound power production portfolio, including a significant part of low CO2 and climate-friendly power production such as hydro and nuclear energy. Nuclear energy in particular has recently gained renewed attention at COP28, partly due to statements from the scientific community that independence from fossil fuels and climate neutrality cannot be achieved by 2050 without nuclear power. Alpiq is therefore also continuously analysing new solutions and technologies to contribute to achieving the goal of fossil-free power production.

Alpiq deploys certified management systems in accordance with each specific production technology and country regulations framework to track the effectiveness of our progress in limiting emissions. We monitor our activities and performance in limiting greenhouse gas and nitrogen oxides emissions by means of specific environmental key performance indicators.

For a detailed breakdown of Alpiqʼs emissions during the reporting year, please refer to section “Emissions” of this report.




“Switching to renewable energy is definitely the right move – but it only solves a small part of the problem. We wonʼt resolve the global equation if we donʼt change the way we use energy. Collectively, we have to be humble and results-driven, turn our commitments into facts and act accordingly.”

Cassien Vietti-Violi

Project Manager, Environmental Science


Paris Climate Agreement, ISO14001, ISO 9001, ISO 55001, Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS), Greenhouse Gas Protocol