Energy management that works for people 

At Alpiq, we recognise that we have a responsibility to everyone who is touched by our activities and to society at large. Our purpose and definition of success is built on our values and ethical behaviour. When we work for Alpiq, we each make a personal commitment to act legally, ethically and responsibly and uphold principles like integrity, trust and diversity at all times. Failure to do so contradicts our overarching goals. Our focus is not limited to the well-being of our company. We also want the best for our employees, our stakeholders and the environment. Our shared ethics and values are reflected in the message: “We are ALP1Q”.

In 2023, we introduced a new Code of Conduct, which translates these principles into our everyday lives at work. It is the responsibility of all employees, including the Board of Directors and management, to follow and foster these principles and comply at all times with our Code of Conduct. We expect our employees to fully commit to our Code of Conduct and to be ambassadors for our purpose and our value-driven culture – in the interests of Alpiq, our employees and everyone around us.