Trading and Orginiation

Alpiqʼs Trading and Origination teams collaborate to manage and minimise the trading challenges and financial pressure on owners and operators of power plants and to maximise the value of their operations.

Our Trading value chain principally comprises the Proprietary Power Trading and Gas Trading teams based in Olten and the Proprietary Power Trading team in Prague. The product coverage is principally oriented towards European power markets (including structured products) with smaller secondary coverage of gas market products. Trading also increases Alpiqʼs profit by leveraging the balance sheet, taking market risks, and providing market access. Alpiq is aware that its Trading business also has an impact on sustainability. The CO2 emissions resulting from physical gas deliveries to resellers and end consumers, as well as from electricity that is purchased in the market (no self-production) and sold to end consumers, are integrated into Scope 3 emissions for the first time in this report for 2023.

The focus of Alpiqʼs Origination business is on risk management solutions for third-party assets on both upstream and downstream agreements. This covers short-term flexibility management, risk management services for industrial customers, sales activities to end consumers (mainly in France) and power purchase agreements (PPA) to asset operators and customers. Through the PPA business in particular, Alpiq is making a decisive contribution to enabling investors and other asset owners to de-risk and sustain their investments in renewable assets as well as enabling industrial customers to decarbonise their value chain.



“The energy transition requires the integration of intermittent energy sources. Alpiqʼs origination activities enable RES generators to bring their energy to the market and industrial consumers to integrate an increasing share of renewable energy into their energy mix.”

Lukas Gresnigt

Head International

Success stories

Alpiq, Green Arrow and Chiesi Group: a green wind power deal in Italy
In May 2023, Alpiq and Green Arrow Capital signed a new PPA in Italy with the global biopharmaceutical group Chiesi to supply emission-free energy. The contract grants Chiesi the fully flexible power supply from Green Arrowʼs 39 MW Italian wind power plant “Lucania Wind”, which produces 90 GWh of clean energy annually and thus avoids almost 48,000 tons of CO2. More information

Alpiq signs long-term PPA to supply wind power to Borealis in Finland
As of 2024, Alpiq will supply 90 GWh of renewable energy annually to power Borealisʼ production facilities in Finland over nine years. Alpiq is thus supporting the industry leader from Austria to get closer to its goal of fully powering its polyolefins and hydrocarbons operations with renewable energy by 2030. More information

Origination Hungary gets go-ahead to build third-party RES VPP portfolio
The Renewables Virtual Power Plant (RES VPP), with its capability to provide ancillary services, will be able to participate in the Hungarian TSOʼs “automatic Frequency Restoration Reserve” (aFRR) and “manual Frequency Restoration Reserve” (mFRR) service markets. The first two longer-term commercial contracts have been signed and the related PVs will be connected to the grid by the end of Q1 2024. This new service, ALPIQ Renewable Control, will increase the synergies with the existing VPP and end customer portfolio in our Hungarian legal entity.